Ryan Adams set to redefine world as we know it, new job and song

So, being a blogger just got a bit tougher, which given the long journey to where we are today, it’s kind of alarming. If you recall, initially bloggers were the children in their parent’s basement who couldn’t hack it. Then with some credibility, we were just lazy and full of self-importance. Now, we have some muscle, can at times be considered legitimate, and actually have people asking for our opinion — all of which seemed virtually impossible.

And with any trend, more and more are hopping aboard, including a few A-list celebrities. Emerging from one wasteland to the next is songwriter, published author, Renaissance Man, and husband of Mandy Moore, ahem, Ryan Adams. Yes, kids, the North Carolina native is stepping into the world of professional blogging… and with a song to boot!

Of course, the world of blogging is nothing new for Adams. As you may remember, before getting hitched, he spent a great deal of his time posting away on Foggy, the wonderful, too much information/stream of consciousness blog that saturated the world to all of Adams’ thoughts, dreams, ponderings, and songs. But after finding happiness with Ms. Moore, the blogging came to an end. Or should I say, it went on “hiatus.”

This time around, Adams will be in a more professional setting. As TwentyFourBit points out, it appears the musician is now a contributor for the The Awl:

We recently got in touch with a popular recording artist who happens to be an admirer of The Awl. This musician expressed an interest in contributing to the site, and we’re happy to announce that the result of our conversations is a regular column that should start up in the very near future.

And on top of that, a recently recorded hair metal theme song that features vocals incredibly similar to those of Adams’ accompanied the post.

See what we mean? How could anyone possibly match that? Bottom line: Start brushing up, bloggers.


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