Squirrel Nut Zippers get Lost At Sea

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Just two years after a five-year break, the members of Squirrel Nut Zippers have come back from wherever the Delta blues-loving swing band stashed themselves and are ready to release not only their first live album but their first album in over nine years.

Recorded in December of 2008 at the Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY, the show was one of many the band recorded before selecting this gem. For those particularly rabid SNZ fans, drummer Chris Phillips told that this record, available October 27th, was a great way to get back into the swing of things.

“The band has grown and changed a lot, musically and is playing the catalog with a lot of command that we didn’t used to have. So it felt like a live album was a great first step into re-launching the band…and a great segue into better things to come.”

As for those going nuts about new material, Phillips also said the band spent time in December of 2008 at singer Jim Mathus’ Mississippi home recording about 20 songs, which Phillips said are “a little more representative of some of our heritage as Southern folks. There’s a little more of a Southern roots approach to what we’re doing.” Expect that sometime in 2010.

The band will be playing the Lake Eden Arts Festival this October and the Voodoo Experience this November. And if you’re looking for a sample of the live stuff, you can get a free download of “Memphis Exorcism” by joining their mailing list.

Lost At Sea Tracklist:
01. Memphis Exorcism
02. Good Enough For Grandad
03. It Ain’t You
04. Prince Nez
05. Put A Lid On It
06. Fat Cat Keeps Getting Fatter
07. Danny Diamond
08. Suits Are Picking Up The Bill
09. My Drag
10. Happens All The Time
11. Bad Businessman
12. Hell
13. Ghost Of Stephen Foster
14. You Are My Radio
15. Blue Angel
16. Do What
17. Missing Link Parade