The Happy Hollows has us under their Spells

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Just because we all love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs doesn’t mean we don’t have a place in our hearts for another one-girl, two-boy band with slightly skewed aesthetics and an organic, visceral sound. Case in point: Our simply ecstatic disposition regarding the news of the release of the first full-length effort of The Happy Hollows.

The Los Angeles noise-pop trio is fronted by wild woman Sarah Negahdari, who Wired Magazine called a “killer hybrid of Kim Deal, PJ Harvey and Emily Haines”. Titled Spells, this full-length effort comes fresh off the heels of 2008’s Imaginary EP and both were produced by David Newton, formerly of the Mighty Lemon Drops.

And while other female-led groups may have steered away from the noise-pop ferocity, Negahdari and company are going full force with an album chock full of effects, distortion and feedback, all built from the shredtastic and primal shows that the band, and especially Negahdari, put on. Despite their force, however, The Happy Hollows knows how to bring the love and show off some smiles with a side of snark and effervescent vocal work.

The 14-track Spells hits stores October 6th and the band will play a few west coast dates prior to its release. Ready to get happy a little sooner? Check out two MP3s below. But don’t thank us. We’re just trying to spread the love around.

Check Out:
Monster Room

Spells Tracklist:
01. Faces
02. Death To Vivek Kemp
03. Silver
04. We Will Find You
05. Lieutenant
06. Father Time
07. Monster Room
08. High Wire
09. Turtle and Hare
10. DeLorean
11. The Stein
12. Tambourine
13. A Man, A Plan, A Canal
14. Second Lieutenant

The Happy Hollows 2009 Tour Dates:
08/08 – San Diego, CA @ Kensington Club
08/29 – Santa Cruz, CA @ The Crepe Place
09/04 – Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland (Album Release Party)