The Process of Memphis Bleek

Jay-Z, the undisputed king of hip-hop, doesn’t lend his name to many things. But if he recognizes protégée Memphis Bleek, then rest assured that the New York-based rapper should bring the heat on his newest release.

Bleek’s fifth studio album, The Process, will be unveiled on November 24th, four years after his last effort, 534. The record will feature production work by No I.D. and Just Blaze as well as lyrical cameos by Pharrell, Rick Ross, and, of course, Jay-Z himself.

As for what else to expect? Well, let’s just say the hip-hopper is bringing the big guns in hopes of finally securing the true rap stardom that’s evaded him.

“I want to do an album that’s through the roof,” he previously told MTV about the album. “I want to do a classic album. I feel that if this album I’m not recording is a classic, I’m not even gonna put it out. I have to do it bigger than anybody has ever done it. I have to make a good record this time, not just talking-junk records. It has to be deep. I want people to pick my album up and learn something.”

The Process will be released via Mass Appeal Entertainment and personal imprint Get Low Records. Bleek left his previous home of Roc-A-Fella in August 2008 after getting the OK (not to mention a distribution deal) from HOV.


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