The Used canvas Artwork, headline tour

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    When The Used released the details for their new LP Artwork over a month ago, we knew it was just a matter of time before tour details were announced. Now that Artwork is on the precipice of release, The Used are set to provide all the specifics. Well, almost all of them that is.

    They’ve told us the tour starts in Las Vegas on October 9th and runs through November 14th, when it will conclude in Portland, OR. The Used have also announced that The Almost and TK will be the supporting acts for the length of the tour. Just one minor detail was left out: the venues.

    While we wait for the release of Artwork and the venues, you can head to iTunes and pick up The Used’s second single “Built to Quit” which is available now. We’ll be sure to update you when the venues are confirmed.


    The Used 2009 Artwork Tour Dates:
    10/09 – Las Vegas, NV
    10/10 – Salt Lake City, UT
    10/11 – Denver, CO
    10/13 – Minneapolis, MN
    10/14 – Kansas City, CO
    10/16 – Chicago, IL
    10/17 – Detroit, MI
    10/18 – St, Louis, MO
    10/20 – Toronto, ON
    10/21 – Montreal, QC
    10/23 – Boston, MA
    10/24 – Baltimore, MD
    10/25 – Washington, DC
    10/27 – New York, NY
    10/28 – Philadelphia, PA
    10/30 – Myrtle Beach, SC
    10/31 – Orlando, FL
    11/01 – Atlanta, GA
    11/03 – New Orleans, LA
    11/05 – Dallas, TX
    11/06 – Houston, TX
    11/07 – Austin, TX
    11/09 – Phoenix, AZ
    11/10 – Los Angeles, CA
    11/11 – San Francisco, CA
    11/13 – Seattle, WA
    11/14 – Portland, OR

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