The Velvet Underground singles collection due out soon

If you’re like me, anytime you see the name The Velvet Underground mentioned in a headline, you’re probably secretly hoping that by some small chance a force beyond us has managed to reunite Lou Reed and John Cale for an apocalyptic-like one-off. Unfortunately, this has yet to occur. That being said, the following news is still pretty awesome and will certainly suffice until maybe quite possibly that reunion does go down.

We’re happy to report (via Tiny Mix Tapes) that September 15th will see Sundazed Records releasing a brand new box set titled The Velvet Underground Singles 1966–69. As the title indicates, the set will be centered around singles released by the Underground between 1966 and 1969, seven to be exact. Among those included will be four originally released in the U.S. on the Verve and MGM labels, plus an additional pair of singles that were prepared for release but never made it to the marketplace and a special radio-only promotional single (see tracklist below).

All the singles will be “exact reproductions,” presented on 7″ vinyl, and packaged in a “distinctively designed” box, along with rare vintage photos and new liner notes by Rolling Stone’s David Fricke. The set will cost you $39.98 and is available for pre-order via

Now, Run Run Run and go get your copy!

The Velvet Underground Singles 1966–69 Tracklist:
01. All Tomorrow’s Parties b/w I’ll Be Your Mirror (Verve VK-10427)
02. Sunday Morning b/w Femme Fatale (Verve VK-10466)
03. White Light/White Heat b/w Here She Comes Now (Verve VK-10560)
04. White Light/White Heat b/w I Heard Her Call My Name (Cancelled single)
05. Temptation Inside Your Heart b/w Stephanie Says (Cancelled single)
06. What Goes On b/w Jesus (MGM K-14057)
07. VU Radio Spot b/w VU Radio Spot 2 (MGM VU-1)


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