Watch: Florence & The Machine – “Drumming Song”

Florence Welch underwent a huge transformation a few months back from tame songstress to hot-panted vixen. It appears as if her management team have finally begun to act on this change.

The video for “Drumming Song” — the fourth single from Florence & The Machine‘s debut album Lungs — is far removed from the three emotionally charged, albeit basic videos that preceded it. Florence Welch puts her best assets forward, legs on display, this time dancing inside a church. Outfitted in a weird black leotard with affixed “bat wings,” we get to see a different side of her, the side which has been more prevalent in her live performances full of stage acrobatics and emotion. She spins, she writhes, she bobs. And she even has backing dancers! This is not to say the video is devoid of impact. This energy is juxtaposed with a series of slower, ethereal sections in which Florence kneels and prays.

The choreography is a perfect match for the song, with a lot of writhing and hair-tossing, all to the brilliant beat. On the kick, the camera is buffeted. Florence is characteristically vamped up, but it’s interesting to see that her band (“The Machine”) are not featured in the video. This might be a sneaky marketing push for the Mercury Prize, the focus shifting onto Florence.

The push for awards is easily noted. The quality of the band’s singles and videos is slowly ramping up, timed to perfection with the sudden acceptance by the British public. The Mercury Prize beckons.

“Drumming Song” will be released on September 13th.


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