Watch: MGMT offers new song at All Points West

While there may not have been a guest appearance by Jay-Z, MGMT‘s Sunday night set at All Points West did prove to be a bit special. That’s because the Brooklyn duo of Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser cap off the festival’s rain-drenched second edition with a brand new selection from its forthcoming album.

As you’ll hear in the video below (the video ain’t that great, but the sound is clear), the song, believed to be titled “It’s Working”, offers a rather upbeat, mysterious, and psychedelic sound from the duo. Albeit not as catchy as some of MGMT’s other material, as it stands now, the song is still quite pleasing on the ear… and helps ease those concerns of how VanWyngarden and Goldwasser will be able to followup those 2007’s Oracular Spectacular.

Speaking of followups, the band’s sophomore studio effort is rumored to be titled Congratulations and due for release in early 2010. Until then, they’ll be guest appearing on every other album released.


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