Well, someone pissed off Radiohead (maybe?)

Prior to this morning, Wall of Ice was rumored to be the name of a new Radiohead EP. Among the pieces of evidence fueling this theory was the discovery that wallofice.com was directed to Radiohead’s online store!

As it turns out, however, there is no new EP coming and the website that got everyone uber excited appears to be nothing more than the work of an Internet squatter looking to make a quick buck. But that’s not to say Radiohead — or some other mad genius not Radiohead… but for the sake of this piece let’s pretend it is Thom and Co. — hasn’t used wallofice.com to its advantage. After all, just take one look at what the website currently reads:

Don’t just publish bullshit only to get hits on your webpage.
Don’t just create your own stories after reading one post on a message board.

Get your facts straight.


Oh well, for what it’s worth, it was one long, strange trip, yada yada yada, and now we’re left with hours wasted and one heavy handed migraine. Someone call the karma police.


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