ARMS aflame in October

If you’re looking a record that contains all the current indie rock musical touches — the 60’s reverb, the lo-fi acoustic strums, the harmony vocals and hand-clapped percussion — ARMS’ upcoming digital release, Kids Aflame, should be where your search ends. Gigantic Music, home of The Walkmen, is releasing the album on October 27th. ARMS is a project of Todd Goldstein, who is best known for being the guitarist in the Brooklyn-based Harlem Shakes.

The album, which is currently only available as an import through the UK’s Melodic Records, is the full-length debut of an endeavor started by Goldstein in 2004. Cited as influences for the record are a wide variety of artists, from Brian Eno to Ricky Nelson. Moderating the disparities is a nice little dash of Stephin Merritt.

Be sure to check out the title track’s music video below:


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