Check Out: Chromeo goes disco with “Night by Night”

For quite some time, Dave 1 and P-Thugg have been frolicking about stressing the importance of cleanliness on Yo Gabba Gabba! and dubbing-over other masterpieces for their DJ-Kicks. And now, Chromeo has finally made its triumphant return with the duo’s first original track since 2007! Hailing from Green Label Sound, the new track entitled “Night by Night” is also accompanied by Thriller-esque cover art; full of black leather, neon lights, that heavenly 80’s camera glow and of course those luscious legs that drive these boys bonkers.

As for the track itself, “Night by Night” still carries that same ‘ol Chromeo sound along with a heavily laden 80’s disco-breakin’ feel that makes this track quintessential back-up music for the inevitable montage scene in Rocky VII. Equip with sexy guitar solos, echoing synths and that wonky talk box “Night by Night” will surely prove itself as one of this years best dance tracks, but the lyrics as per usual are nothing to write home about. Besides Chromeo is and always has been just about having fun and getting frisky, so why not test this baby out at home? All you have to do is jet over to Green Label Sound and snag up this free download of “Night by Night” while the going is still good.


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