Climbing Tape Deck Mountain

Put on your best hiking boots and get ready to weather the treacherous sonic terrains of San Diego-based Tape Deck Mountain’s debut album.

The brainchild of San Diego native Travis Trevisan, the effort, titled Ghost, is the band’s cleverly crafted premiere of its full-length mid-fi noise. To elaborate, the LP gives equal playing ground to the hi-fi sounds, like the harmonies and vibe of the Beach Boys, and down on to the lo-fi end of the spectrum, which should be tons of musical dissonance ala My Bloody Valentine meets Sonic Youth meets No Age.

Ghost will be released November 17th on Lefse Records. Oh, and did we mention the band is also fond of releasing tracks on cassette tapes, ergo the ever-apropos name? So, you should be able to pick it up in a format of your choosing.

Enjoy (via The Fader) a free download of “Ghost Colony” and the boys playing a very stripped live set in a graffiti artist’s wet dream.

Check Out:
Ghost Colony

Ghost Tracklist:
01. Scantrons
02. F-
03. On My Honor
04. 80/20
05. Dead Doctors Don’t Lie
06. In the Dirt
07. Ghost Colony
08. A+
09. Bat Lies


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