Fredrik prepares second album for the Kora Records

Swedish group Fredrik has announced its second album, Trilogi, will be released on November 17th through The Kora Records.

Following the release of the 2008 debut, Na Na Ni, the six-piece group returned to the city of Malmo to record an EP-trilogy. The EPs, titled Holm, Ava, and Ner, have now been combined to create the new full-length record.

According to a press release, the new album takes on the themes of, “social realities and subconscious geography.” While the textures are darker, Fredrik’s warm vocals and operatic choir work creates the same sense of elegance that can be found on the debut record.

Get a preview of the above below in the form of album’s first single, “Locked in the Basement”.

Check Out:
“Locked in the Basement”

Trilogi Tracklist:
01. Vinterbam
02. Milo
03. Holm
04. Den Sista Fabriken
05. Vanmyren
06. Ava
07. Flax
08. Under Vattenverket
09. Ner
10. Tretusen Violer
11. Viskra
12. Locked In The Basement
13. Omberg


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