Gorillaz come up with some Horrors

The Horrors sure have a good way of capturing the attention of high-profile musical outfits. After all, fresh off its opening stint on Nine Inch Nail’s “Wave Goodbye” tour, the British garage outfit has now found itself working collaborating with none other than the Gorillaz.

Damon Albarn, the main force behind The Gorillaz, recently invited the Hot Topic poster children down to his studio, 13, to work on the followup of the 2005 album Demon Days.

In an interview with BBC, Horrors bassist Rhys Webb revealed how it all went down, explained Albarn initially sent him an email saying only “Would you guys be able to come down to my studio at some point?”

When they met up, Albarn expressed his adoration for the band and asked them to collaborate on the new Gorillaz album.

“He played us a lot of tracks he’d been working on and musically they were just in a really similar place to where we were at the moment — rhythmically and the instruments that were going through the sound — so it made perfect sense for us,“ Webster explained.

Previous Gorillaz collaborations have included Dan The Automator, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, D-12, Redman, Dangermouse, and De La Soul. However, The Horrors are the first guitar based band to collaborate on a Gorillaz album, which was one of the reasons they were chosen for the job.

In return for their talents, Albarn mixed The Horror’s new single, “Whole New Way,”, as the band was not happy with the original version.

As previously reported, the new Gorillaz album is due out sometime soon, however, neither title nor release date for the project has yet to been revealed.


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