Grab your Gladiator masks, Madvillain to make return

It is important to note that Madvillain is what happens when two of the most experimental, wacked out minds in all of hip hop join forces. The mixture is one part Brooklyn based nerd-core rhymer, MF Doom (known as simply DOOM since this year’s Born Like This), and one part Stones Throw producer Madlib. 2004’s semi-eponymous debut, Madvillainy, proved the concoction to be rather earth-shattering. Not only was The Beat Conducta’s grimy production in top-form, but DOOM was spewing verbal venom at its most volatile. Even Madlib’s high pitched alter-ego, Quasimoto, made an appearance or two.

Lucky for us, according to XXL Mag, the two are fixing up another batch of comic-book infused, blunt smoke hazed, glorious hip hop. This all stems from an interview Doom did with The New Yorker, in which Doom mentioned a new project with the producer. The follow-up to Madvillainy has yet to receive a release date, however, the two are slated to perform at the 4th annual We The People Fest, in Los Angeles on November 21st.


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