Joss Stone says Colour Me Free

Ready to groove? Well, grab those dancing shoes from the back of the closet because the free spirited girl behind “You Had Me”, aka Joss Stone, is finally releasing her fourth studio release, Colour Me Free.

We say finally because the album’s initial release date of February 2009 was pushed back after she and her label EMI began to butt heads. In fact, Stone almost gave up £2million to free herself. But with the problems now said and done, we can move on to more important things, like what to expect from the followup to 2007’s Introducing Joss Stone.

Recorded at her mother’s Mama Stone music venue in Devon, the album itself will continue Stone’s soul development and also mix in elements of pop, rap, and even a little funk. To accomplish this, she tapped the likes of effin Beck, Sheila E., Raphael Saadiq, and Nas to help out.

As Stone notes, it was all a rather sudden process:

“I woke up one morning and wanted to make an album,” Stone said. “It’s very, very raw –
basically a bunch of musicians, writers, and myself just jamming. The album was not
dictated or forced. It was an organic process where each musician was given the freedom to
create their sound.”

Colour Me Free is out October 20th through Target exclusively. The first single, “Free Me”, will be out shortly. Those wanting to break themselves off some Stone early can catch her duet with Smokey Robinson on Jay Leno come September 24th.

Colour Me Free Tracklist:
01. Free Me
02. Could Have Been You
03. Parallel Lines
04. Lady
05. 4 And 20
06. Big Ole Game
07. Governmentalist
08. Incredible
09. You Got The Love
10. I Believe It To My Soul
11. Stalemate
12. Girlfriend On Demand


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