Phoenix frontman pens songs for wife’s new film

In news not all that surprising but incredibly exciting, Thomas Mars, known to you and me as the frontman of Phoenix, is apparently going to be contributing original music to Sofia Coppola’s next film, Somewhere. We say not surprising because Mars is Coppola’s life-partner and the father of their child Romy. We say incredibly exciting because, well, this is Phoenix related after all, the same Phoenix which produced album of the year candidate, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, and completely blew away Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield last Saturday.

The above news comes from The Playlist, which also reports the film is about a “bad-boy actor who is wasting away in the celebrity-clad Chateau Marmont when his estranged 11 year-old daughter shows up for an unexpected visit,” and will feature a cameo from Rooney (the band’s lead singer Robert Schwartzman, is Jason Schwartzman’s younger brother and is a cousin of Coppolas) and possibly The Veronicas.

Somewhere is scheduled for release sometime in 2010.


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