The Clash reunite too… well, kind of

When news of Pavement’s reunion hit the web earlier this week, I joked to Mr. Roffman that the only thing possibly better would be if The Clash somehow managed to reunite. Little did I know at the time those words could come true just hours later.

Of course, considering the untimely passing of the great Joe Strummer, no real reunion of The Clash is possible. But we have gotten the next best thing after guitarist Mick Jones and drummer Topper Headon recently hit the studio together to collaborate for the first time in 27 years.

According to NME, the duo re-recorded a version of The Clash’s classic “Jail Guitar Doors” for the charity of the same name, and were joined on the recording by Billy Bragg and four former prison inmates.

The charity, which was started by Bragg in 2007, seeks to provide prisoners with musical instruments to aid their rehabilitation, and has so far seen several “graduates” of the scheme pursue careers as performers after their release from jail, including Leon Walker, Jonny Neesom, Louise Wells and Theone Coleman, aka as the four aforementioned inmates who joined Jones, Headon, and Bragg.

What’s even better is the session was filmed and will be included in Breaking Rocks, a documentary about the Jail Guitar Doors initiative. The film will get its debut at the Raindance Film Festival on October 1st at an event which will also include performances from Billy Bragg, Mick Jones, MC5 member Wayne Kramer, Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, and Night Of Treason.

Check out the film trailer below.


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