Via Tania reveals Moon Sweet Moon redux

Every once in a while, the blogosphere takes an artist, cradles them so delicately and lovingly while screaming their name from the rooftop that the unsigned becomes the proud signee to a a label that can continue their journey to the popular music echelon. Case in point, Via Tania.

The stage name of the Chicago via Sydney, Australia musician Tania Bowers, Via Tania signed with The:Hours and has revamped Moon Sweet Moon, which was leaked earlier this year. Recording in Austin, Bowers collaborated with members of Tortoise and Shearwater while working with Austin music staple Craig Ross, whose worked with the likes of Spoon, Daniel Johnston and Emmylou Harris.

The revamped album is now a mish mash of sounds. Bowers’ voice is not unlike a Bjork or even a St. Vincent, but her sound is much in the vain of folk music with a dash of electroacoustic work that creates a rich sound that bubbles with moments of potential explosiveness.

Moon Sweet Moon is out sometime this fall and Bowers will hit the road in winter to support it. Check out the tracklist below and the video to “Wonderful Stranger”. As always, we’ll pass along the info as we get it.

Moon Sweet Moon Tracklist:
01. The Beginning
02. Light Years
03. Wonder Stranger
04. Become Forest
05. Lost In It
06. Dangerously
07. Everyworld
08. Howcome
09. Home
10. February
11. Our Wild Flight
12. Songs Of Love


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