Check Out: N.E.R.D. – “Soldier”

Undoubtedly sensing our ever-growing fear regarding the future, N.E.R.D. have lovingly cradled the public at large and made an attempt to blow our faces off with a new song like a mother whispers sweet nothings to her child.

Compliments of Prefix Magazine, the terror threat-reducing song “Solider”, featuring Santigold, first debuted back in March on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Oddly, the MP3 is just now hitting the Internet. The song is a horn-heavy thrust kick to the part of your brain that controls both your frantic dance ability and that prevents seizures (surely such a hemisphere exists). Pharrell Williams shows that when he isn’t producing every rapper and R&B singer’s album he can actually cut it up like machine gun fire behind the mic. Behind a hyperkinetic ska beat, the group has shown that they’re no Black Eyed Peas. Not yet at least.

Whether “Soldier” ends up on their new album is up in the air, but here’s hoping it does. Their fourth album Instant Gratification is due out in early 2010. New member included.

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