Check Out: Nickelback — we kid you not — covers Kings of Leon

In a move that is tantamount to your ‘roided-out step-brother who drives an F150 singing Grizzly Bear, the boys of Nickelback have taken a modern rock swing at Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody”. And we finally get to see it.

The live video, which surfaced recently on, is taken from a March 2nd performance at the Air Canada Centre. Lead singer Chad Kroger steps aside and lets lead guitarist Ryan Peake take a crack at KoL’s Top 100 hit. What ensues is some overly-wrought hard rock version of the song done by a Poison cover band. It’s not bad per say, but definitely without the emotional strength of the original.

We’re just waiting for The Fray to cover Arctic Monkeys. Wait, that might actually not be so bad…


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