Dr. Dre further delays Detox, music world genuinely frustrated

It was bad enough when Detox, the next Dr. Dre album, became the Chinese Democracy of the hip-hop world. But now the delay gets longer and the myth grows larger as the album is pushed back into 2010.

In an interview with ABC News (via HipHopDX.com), Dre said that while he originally planned for a November/December 2009 release, it turns out he hasn’t even finished all the tracks, despite this being his only solo work for quite some time.

“[I’m] only [working] on my album that I’ve been working on for the last 10 years, that’s it, Detox record,” Dre said. “Hopefully I’ll get it done at the end of this year and we can hear it next year. Motivation and other things getting in the way, that’s it.”

The album’s storied history began in 2004, where Dre sought to build another classic in the vein of The Chronic after his 1999 release of 2001. Dre stopped work on the album to focus on production work of his Aftermath stable of artists. Since then, it’s been Dre and a host of artists from 50 Cent to DJ Quik saying the album was on its way. Fast forward to this past May and we’re so hopeless a Dr. Pepper commercial perks our sad little faces right up.

Enjoy the interview (preceded by Lady Gaga goodness) below. As always, stay tuned if the album does emerge sometime in 2010. We’ll start a betting pool by March if we don’t get any word.


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