Hey, look! Sufjan has another new release!

Few musicians have the ability to turn on and off their creative juices as easily as Sufjan Stevens. After all, following what was essentially a year-plus of silence, the acclaimed singer/songwriter has returned with three, count ’em three, studio releases. We already told you about Run Rabbit Run and The BQE; now let us share details regarding Stevens brand new collaborative effort with his stepfather/Asthmatic Kitty owner Lowell Brams.

On December 8th, Asthmatic Kitty will offer three more releases from its Library Catalog series, which according to Pitchfork, is a set of records that exist to be heard in the background, albums not meant for active listening. The folks at the label say this music is “designed for soundtracks, whether it be for your life or licensing.” One will be titled Music for Memory and comes from Helado Negro frontman Roberto Carlos Lange. Another, called Music for Savage Tropical Imagery, is the product of former Crystal Skulls member Yuuki Matthews.

And, then there’s Music for Insomnia, the one created by Stevens and Brams and which also features the talents of The National’s Bryce Dessner. Apparently, instrumentation will be a plenty, with everything from unprepared piano and autoharp to prepared piano and duct tape said to be making an appearance. The track we got for you below (via P4K), “Alpha to Theta”, definitely adds credence to this description.

Now, go and try to catch a few winks before the December 8th drop date.

Check Out:
“Alpha to Theta”

Music for Insomnia Tracklist:
01. Chattering Garden Trolls
02. Alpha to Theta
03. Short Circadian Partita
04. Hypnagogic Hallucination
05. Melatonin Lullaby
06. Horse Spindles
07. Dream About Vince Guaraldi
08. A Cross Section of Clown Mountain


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