Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard goes it alone

Following in the footsteps of bandmate Alexis Taylor, Hot Chip‘s Joe Goddard has announced plans for a solo album of his own. It’s titled Harvest Festival and will hit stores beginning November 2nd on Goddard’s own label, Greco-Roman. It is the first full length release on the imprint.

The issued press release promises “a largely instrumental, electronic album” which “winds from woozy ambience to the polyrhythms of London’s clubland and back again” and hints that the album “has a strange fixation with fruit”. The tracklist confirms this fact (see below).

What all this means for Hot Chip’s future remains to be seen; last we heard, the band were putting the final touches to the as-yet untitled fourth album, due for release in 2010. This news, however, could start a Strokes-esque splinter and push the release back.

1. Apple Bobbing
2. Tinned Apricot
3. Pear-Shaped
4. Strawberry Jam
5. Go Bananas
6. Half-Time Oranges
7. Lemon & Lime (Home Time)
8. Tropical Punch
9. Sour Grapes
10. Pineapple Chunk
11. Mango Chutney
12. Coconut Shy


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