Lady Gaga to embark on solo tour, Kanye “taking a break”

Time heals wounds, right? Well, Lady Gaga sure has moved on pretty quickly; just days ago we told you the “Fame Kills” tour was cancelled, the singer/songwriter is already planning her next venture.

If you remember, the choreographer of “Fame Kills,” Lori Ann Gibson, revealed late last week that “creative differences” were behind the tour’s ultimate cancellation. However, it now appears that was all just PR, as Gaga recently announced the following at the Billboard Women in Music Event: “It was a mutual decision… Kanye’s going to take some time off. But the good news is that I’m going on tour in a few weeks.”

This news has had a mixed reception — Lady Gaga fans appear pleased that she is taking the spotlight alone as West’s profile had been having a negative impact on tour sales. It does, however, leave Kanye West fans in a bad place.

As consolation (for those still upset over the face you won’t be seeing Gaga “kill” Kanye), enjoy “Bad Romance”, the song which Gaga performed Saturday night on SNL. Gaga effectively confirmed that the single will be included on the forthcoming The Fame Monster redux album via this tweet: “leaked next single is makin my ears bleed. Wait till you hear the real version ;)”.

Gaga has yet to announce dates for her solo trek. The Fame Monster hits stores stores on November 24th.


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