Liam Gallagher to start new band

With the inevitable, aka an Oasis reunion, still a few months or years off, Liam Gallagher is looking for ways to kill some time. One idea, as he recently told The Scotsman, is to start a new band.

“Getting away from the whole Oasis thing is going to be a good thing I suppose,” Liam explained. “I don’t want to do anything solo. I want to be in a band. But we can do things a lot differently these days. It’ll definitely be rock ‘n’ roll.”

He continued, “For now, I’ll be relaxing at home, just getting out of music for a bit and then I’m going to start up something maybe after January, do something different, see where it goes. But I’ll be having a breather from the music for a bit without a doubt.”

Well, that sounds nice. And if it fails Liam could always fall back on his recently launched fashion line… or an Oasis reunion.


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