NIN live performances make their way to fan-created DVDs

Once in a blue moon (and maybe on even rarer occasions), a band performs an album, in full, live on stage. And normally the only way to have heard said awe-inspiring wonder was to have been there. But now Nine Inch Nails fans have taken things into their own hands, having created a DVD of Trent Reznor and company performing the whole of their 1994 album The Downward Spiral. A DVD which can be yours for next to nothing.

The NIN fan group ThisOneOnUs filmed the August 23rd concert at New York City’s Webster Hall and have packaged it under the title The Downward Spiral: Live. Many of the clips are available on their YouTube page, though if you’re interested in getting your own copy, via a physical DVD or a through a torrent, can find info on the NIN Hotline. The grassroots network of fans have also accrued footage and released DVDs for other shows (The Gift is the over 400 GB Reznor released back in January from shows in Victoria on 12/05/08, Portland on 12/07/08 and Sacramento on 12/12/08. Las Vegas is all multi-source footage from the band’s final Vegas show on May 18th). And despite being all fan footage, the well-edited shows are free of most of the shakiness and do their best at presenting the raw, primitive darkness that occurs at NIN shows. Sample a small portion of the release below.

But if you’re looking for some authorized Trent Reznor goodness, Prefix Mag writes that the man with the love/hate relationship with Twitter recently reworked the Year Zero song “Zero Sum” for the show Fringe, of which its creator, J.J. Abrams, is good buddies with Reznor. The one minute promo features Reznor whispering dialogue from the show over the heavily disjointed track.

Who needs Twitter updates now?

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