Nouvelle Vague party with the best on 3

Cult favorite Nouvelle Vague has returned with their next batch of re-worked, new wave/bossa nova cover songs in the form of 3; the group’s junior record due out October 20th. Previously, the unique outfit grabbed hold of loveable famous songs and then essentially “re-made” them; combing over post punk and new wave numbers with hints of jazz and sixties pop, ultimately creating a sultry lounge feel on these previously fast-paced punk songs. However, this time around Nouvelle Vague thought “Hey, we should involve some of the original artists on this one” and that’s exactly what makes 3 so special!

Featuring a number of big name acts including Martin Gore (of Depeche Mode), Ian McCulloch (of Echo and the Bunnymen) and Terry Hall (of The Specials), 3 showcases a new look for Nouvelle Vague; one that’s alternatively packed with inspirational American Rock, Country, and Bluegrass tunes. Additionally, Nouvelle Vague transform songs like Talking Heads’ “Road to Nowhere”, Psychedelic Furs “Heaven” and Sex Pistol’s “God Save The Queen” into romanticized, jazzy numbers with more class and sophistication than we ever thought possible.

Is your curiosity sparked yet? Well, then you’ll be pleased to find a stream of “Master & Servant” (featuring guest vocals by Martin Gore) below. Seriously, this track alone was worth the entire wait since Bande a Part.

Check Out:
“Master & Servant”


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