Spoon announces new album, Transference

Ever since Britt Daniel told Texas Monthly back in February that Spoon had begun work on its followup to 2007’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, we’ve been counting down the days until a formal announcement was made. “Got Nuffin” proved to be a brilliant distraction, but it will be January 26th that we’ll now all be counting down to (here’s your formal announcement!), as that will be the day the band’s seventh full-length will arrive.

It’s titled Transference, features 11 songs including the aforementioned “Got Nuffin”, and will be available through Merge Records. More will surely come soon, so stay tuned!

Transference Tracklist:
01. Before Destruction
02. Is Love Forever?
03. The Mystery Zone
04. Who Makes Your Money
05. Written in Reverse
06. I Saw the Light
07. Trouble Comes Running
08. Goodnight Laura
09. Out Go the Lights
10. Got Nuffin
11. Nobody Gets Me But You


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