Watch: Dead Man’s Bones – “Dead Hearts”

October 6th was a big day for the duo of actor Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields, better known as creepy Gothic band Dead Man’s Bones. With their debut album out in stories via ANTI-, the band’s new video made its debut on

The video for “Dead Hearts” is directed by the boys and features stop animation work by Jed Hathaway, who fans will know from work on the Adult Swim mainstay Robot Chicken. It features “Machine With Wishbone”, a moving sculpture by artist Arthur Ganson, as it makes its way through the burning city and graveyard of the whacked out world from the guy who was in The Notebook. The song itself is an eerie and sparse acoustic build that turns into something kind of frighteningly beautiful.

You can enjoy the horror show and some more creepy talent on tour starting October 14th.


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