Watch: Modest Mouse – “Whale Song”

A few truths about Modest Mouse: They’re weird, they make good music, and when it comes to music videos, the message conveyed is usually rather blatant. And as you’ll see below, all these characteristics and more are reflected in the band’s newly unveiled music video (via P4K) for “The Whale Song”.

Directed by Nando Costa and the Portland production company Bent Image Lab, the video is one of may weird and rather colorful effects. It sees frontman Isaac Brock, at least if you follow the lyrics of the song (the message people, the message!), trapped and trying to find a way out of this existence. Thus, he conjures up some sort of thing and soon appears in a world with his fellow bandmates, giant snails, and a plant playing drums — this is the part where weird comes in. And it is all accompanied by the incredibly eclectic, but wonderland fabulous sounds of the No One’s First and You’re Next number — this is the part where good music comes in.

Told you it was Modest Mouse… in all its glory. Check it out below.


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