Watch: Nine Inch Nails say goodbye in High-Def

When it comes to Trent Reznor, always expect the unexpected. Thus, it’s not surprising to learn (via TWB) that the Nine Inch Nails frontman has released two high-definition video recordings of his main outfit’s recent onstage collaboration with King of Synthpop/future Reznor collaborator Gary Numan during a performance in London. It’s just incredibly awesome.

The videos, which you can check out below, appear to be the first of the “variety of [upcoming] things NIN and not-NIN related” to have surfaced. Per the man himself:

Ahh… finally catching my breath after it all. Thank you once again for the last wave of shows and your interest and support over the years.
We’re beginning work on a variety of things NIN and not-NIN related that we’ll inform you of when the time is right. Check back from time to time and who knows what you’ll find.


Is this perhaps foreshadowing a NIN documentary? To go along with Reznor’s upcoming video game and collaborations? Yes, please.


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