Watch: The Gaslight Anthem – “Come Together”

It seems like we’ve all been inundated with The Beatles over the last few weeks. But beyond the video games, the remastered box sets and hoopla over album sales and records to be broken, another well-intentioned admirer has made an attempt to utilize the Beatles magic in a jar: None other than New Jersey’s own The Gaslight Anthem.

In an appearance on The Fox 99.3 6 O’clock Rock Report in Vancouver (via, lead singer Brian Fallon and guitarist Alex Rosamilia have put their New Brunswick punk and Shore sound spin on the Abbey Road classic “Come Together”. If anyone can cover the intensity, it’s band, but they create a new feel on top of the hard-driving and steady rock thud that Lennon and company created. With the two acoustic guitars in hand, Fallon and Rosamilia have made a song that passes The Beatles through Johnny Cash sensibilities, ending with a song that now cuts deeper and with a slightly twangier sound. To do The Beatles is to do them justice, and The Gaslight Anthem have done just that.

Other than time spent at the Beatles altar, the band plans to finish touring at the end of this year before heading into the studio with Ted Hutt, the man behind their breakout sophomore effort The ‘59 Sound. Expect that sometime in the first half of 2010.


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