Cancer benefit show rounds up big name acts including Band of Horses and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

We can’t make you care about making the world a better place; hell, if your parents or overzealous girlfriend can’t, no one might ever. But you can be suckered into a noble cause. And just how might some dastardly fiend do that? Throw on a killer show featuring the likes of Band of Horses and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and kick all the proceeds to cancer kids. Like taking candy from a baby.

The aforementioned show (with a heads-up thanks to TinyMixTapes) is to raise money for the Pablove Foundation. The organization works to provide funding and health care for kids without insurance and to improve hospital playrooms. The show will also feature the likes of Tom Morello, Sea Wolf, Shirley Manson, Tom Gabel of Against Me!, Butch Walker, Songs for Kids, and many more musical surprises.

The show goes down November 21st at the Avalon in Los Angeles, CA. Tickets are on sale at and a portion, obviously, goes to the Pablove Foundation and its corresponding programs. Seriously, do you need any other reason to go at this point?


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