Jason Segel invites entire Swell Season audience to freak him

There’s getting lucky, as anyone who snagged tix to The Swell Season in L.A. this week was, obvs. And then there’s getting lucky, as in everyone’s favorite funny dude Jason Segel coming onstage for a surprise appearance and openly inviting the entire audience to booty-call him. Doing so in song, obvs.

Instant legend has it (according to the text box accompanying this HILARIOUS VIDEO OF THE MUSICOMIC EPIC WHICH DEMANDS TO BE VIEWED RIGHT NOW) that Segel and everyone else’s favorite funny dude, Paul Rudd, happened upon Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova & Co. (i.e., The Frames) at a restaurant. Acquaintance-making ensued, resulting in Segel being invited to perform at the show. Taking Irglova’s songwriting advice to heart — reveal something personal — the competent pianist belted out a phone number-revealing chorus, thus finally ending Tommy Tutone’s 27-year reign as the King of Sung Dialing.

There are also two fantastic penis jokes somewhere around the third or fourth verse. This is composing on a much higher caliber than the duddish “Dracula” stuff Segel did in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Segel’s dropped digits begin with area code 315, which is upstate New York, which is not where he’s from. Call and you’ll hear Segel politely instructing you to email what sounds like “healthtronic at gmail dot com.” I did, requesting to be sent something that has been recently touched by Jason Segel, but as of the past 20 minutes have received no reply. Then I Googled both “Healthtronics” and “Healthtronix”. Neither seems to use gmail, but both can sell you some urological or lymphonic equipment.


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