Lupe Fiasco preps bonanza of releases before riding off into the sunset

As a rapper, it’s important to make gargantuan statements. Whether it’s your vaunted lovemaking skills or the number of people you’re rolling with, credibility is earned with the more outlandish things you say. And, in the case of lyrical savant Lupe Fiasco, the Chi-Town rapper is going big with three more albums before hanging up his Nikes for good.

In a new interview with MTV (via Prefix Magazine), Fiasco revealed that he intends to finish off his contract with Atlantic Records in grand fashion. In addition to the forthcoming December 15th release of his third studio album, Lasers, the MC plans to offer three more full-lengths in short order. And, if that weren’t enough, he’s got a mixtape coming out on Thanksgiving.

“The last six months, it’s been like, ‘I gotta really, really go out there and show that I’m nicer than all of them,’ ” Lupe said. “It’s like, ‘All right, so be it. If it takes three more albums to do it, then so be it.’ That’s what I got left with Atlantic. Three more after Lasers. I’m already done with two. The mixtape is coming Thanksgiving. It’ll be another mixtape after that and an album after that. It’s really to get that status and lock it in and [and have people] be like, ‘Look at this positive dude, the underdog. The positive one who came and murdered all these dudes. And he’s there, and he’s good.’ “

Now, as Lupe fanatics and CoS readers will tell you, Fiasco had originally intended to release a triple album, titled LupE.N.D., in 2009. However, following a contract dispute with Atlantic, the rapper was forced to postpone the release, opting to instead release Lasers as his third full-length. Fiasco’s comments to MTV did not mention whether the three planned albums would be the three-disc LupE.N.D., or three individual releases. That said, he did mention “albums” instead of “album,” so make your own call…

When it comes to the mixtape, the details look to be a little more concrete. At the time of the interview (P. Diddy’s 40th birthday bash on November 20th), Fiasco said he’d be rhyming over other MCs’ beats, keeping his own production for his albums. That said, there are still a few things to be finished up — “I got four days to figure it out,” he said regarding the mixtape’s title. “I’ve been dabbling with some names. I don’t know yet.”

In conclusion, Lupe’s retirement is still a while away.


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