New York’s JELLY Pool Parties in danger of being shut down

One of the biggest free summer concert series in New York City may unfortunately be all dried up by the time next summer comes around. You see, JELLY Pool Parties, which is billed as the city’s biggest summer event series, moved from its original location at McCarren Park Pool to East River State Park in 2009. However, now, the New York State Parks Department and the Open Space Alliance have said that the park may not be available to JELLY for the 2010 season. Seemingly without any other options, this would put an end to the free concert series.

JELLY first started out as a localized event, but quickly grew to gain global recognition from the music world. This past 2009 season had eight weeks of free performances, including Grizzly Bear, Girl Talk, The Black Lips, dirty projectors, Deerhunter, Dan Deacon, No Age, Mission of Burma, and Beach House. That’s not bad for a “pool party!”

While things are certainly looking grim for JELLY, all hope is not lost. Brooklyn native and U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is leading the charge to save the pool parties from extinction. Back in August of 2009, Schumer took the stage at JELLY and promised that the concert series would return to the borough waterfront in 2010, and he’s been doing all he can to live up promise. Since then, the senator and his staff have been trying to rally support among other state and city officials to ensure JELLY’s survival into its fifth year.

Per Schumer (via New York Times): “When I heard that the concerts might be canceled, I couldn’t understand why, given that this is exactly what our parks are supposed to be for, and I am going to do everything I can to see that they continue.”

That said, the senator is going to need more than just political backing. JELLY is urging fans of the series to contact him via phone (212) 486-4430, or via e-mail at with support and concerns. Schumer will relay the public opinion to the NYS Parks Department and the Open Space Alliance. This is a good cause, especially if you love free music.


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