The New Loud is too loud for New York; prepares debut EP

It seems a little Midwestern magic has made its way east and certainly given the state of New York a shocker for the ages. Milwaukee’s very own awesome electronic trio The New Loud recently performed at the coveted CMJ festival and jammed out for much more than they bargained for. Just four songs into the band’s set, New York’s finest Boys in Blue came and shut down the band’s performance, according to the band’s blogsite:

“Apparently one of the neighboring clubs called the police because we were way too loud and it was disrupting their performers – so much for rock and roll in NYC! The cops showed up and we had to pause while security talked the cops out of giving anyone citations with the understanding we’d be quieter.”

With all the shenanigans and loudness abound, The New Loud is also in the midst of preparing its debut EP Can’t Stop Not Knowing. The EP will consist of six songs, including a heavier-than-hell cover of Radiohead’s “2+2=5”. Mixed by Mark Trombino (Finch, Jimmy Eat World, Rocket From The Crypt) and produced by band leader and singer Shane Olivo, Can’t Stop Not Knowing promises to deliver one helluva sonic send-up straight to the forehead. The EP will be released in late February with a full on debut album to follow later on in 2010. This writer has already witnessed the sheer force this band can put up and is seriously looking forward to next February 23rd.

Check Out:
“Don’t Dance”


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