Download now: Spencer Krug’s Moonface EP

Spencer Krug, who you already know from Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Swan Lake, et al., recently announced a new project called Moonface. On January 26th, he’ll be releasing said new project’s debut, Dreamland EP: Marimba and Shit-Drums, on vinyl. But because the Radiohead model of a pay-what-you-want digitial release is much more efficient, environmentally friendly, and, well, cool, Krug has decided to follow Thom and Co.’s lead and partake in such creative endeavors.

Right now, head on over to Moonface’s website (though at this moment, it appears to have crashed!), where you can download the EP for the price you want (+ an email address of course). Plus, the entire effort consists of just one 20-minute track, so you won’t have to do much time-consuming tagging on iTunes!


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