Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/7)

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Three very distinct themes emerge from this week’s musical lineup. First, several of these acts are still recording and touring, but you probably assumed they were dead…or at least their careers were. Second, we might never be able to forgive Carson Daly for his TRL days, but the man knows how to book solid acts (The XX, Paolo Nutini). And finally, you have to recognize momentous occasions when they occur, and that’s why I have to savor the fact that this week was the first time I ever wrote the phrase, “Andrea Bocelli featuring The Muppets.” If Santa exists, he’ll grant my wish and make sure it’s not the last time I write those words.

Here’s your Late Night Lobotomy.

0000005566 20060919234606 Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/7)
Mon—Honor Society*
Tues—Passion Pit
Wed—Jay Sean
Fri—The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

jimmy fallon 300x86 Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/7)
Mon—50 Cent
Wed—Bon Jovi
Fri—Snoop Dogg

logo 300x103 Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/7)
Mon—Michael McDonald
Wed—Snoop Dogg
Thurs—30 Seconds To Mars
Fri—Tony Bennett

0000034701 20061021012115 Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/7)
Wed—Rob Thomas
Thurs—Tori Amos
Fri—Joe Perry

0000004411 20060919222627 Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/7)
Wed—Paolo Nutini
Thurs—the XX
Fri—Anya Marina

fergpic Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/7)
Mon—Shirley Manson
Tues—Rosanne Cash
Fri—They Might Be Giants

lenoshow1 Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/7)
Mon—Andrea Bocelli featuring The Muppets
Thurs—Barry Manilow

Stay tuned, folks!