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Airplanes is a lovely band, but it remains a bit of an enigma to me.

When I first came across Airplanes, the band was billed Ele. Currently, Airplanes has 15 fans on Facebook and close to an astonishing 65,000 MySpace friends. The band’s social media savvy is further evident in the amount of posts they make on Twitter. Yet, they somehow have only three songs on MySpace, which one should be grateful for because not long ago only two songs were available. The original two can be downloaded as ringtones and bought on iTunes.

However, with this notable amount of interest from music consumers, Airplanes has only one review (admittedly, a 5 star review) and the band’s ratings are not sufficient enough to show an accurate average score. Even stranger, the band has received a staggering 16 million MySpace hits and 8.5 million plays, yet they don’t seem to play any shows. Furthermore, endless Internet searches reveal absolutely nothing about them. Is it just me, or does something need to be explained?

What I can explain is this: Airplanes consists of Sarah on vocals and lyrics, Sean on guitar and lyrics, and Kyle Meuller, once described as the best drummer in the world, from The Vanity Fair taking care of percussion. Hailing from St. Louis, Airplanes have nothing in common with Jefferson. The band produced pop tunes of the purest kind, but as mentioned before there are only three of them. Airplanes promises to deliver more soon, along with a hint that tour dates are in the band’s future. However, like most things in the Airplanes’, this is decided by a vote on Twitter. Where should we play – New York or LA? Survey says, “St. Louis!”

Although the band’s lyricist isn’t identified, it is impossible that person maintains Airplanes’ Facebook and MySpace. The band’s bio may have been written by a three-year-old. Grammar and sentence construction do not come easy. The same goes for the video accompanying the divine “Flip Flops”, which has certainly been directed by a toddler. Although the video is lackluster, the three and a half minutes of pop classicism is a perfect song for summer, with the potential to be a hit single world wide.

“Talk to Me” is next up, showing a more rock oriented side of Airplanes, with Meuller beating the shit out of his kit and Sarah sounding more rock chick than mall queen. “Stars and Moons” is, by contrast, largely acoustic with a guitar theme heard in a previous life. It’s bright and breezy with a singalong chorus, which might hide the fourth, but yet to be identified, member of Airplanes. Perhaps, he’s the guy at the end of the fairly pointless, completely inaudible video update on YouTube. Search Airplanesacoustic if you wish to discover the answer to the secret, but don’t expect to find much of anything.

Please feel free to comment if you know anything else about Airplanes, and Sarah, Sean, or Meuller, please reply to my MySpace message. I love you guys!


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