Listen: Annie and the Beekeepers

A teacher once told me, “Never shout to captivate an audience. Instead whisper, and make them to listen to you.”

Annie Lynch and her Beekeepers whisper oh so loudly. When I first listened, it was one of the few times in months where I dropped everything and just sat down. When was the last time you really sat down and just stopped everything to listen? Lynch has achieved that and so much more with her modest three-piece band.

Hailing from the Berklee College of Music, the Beekeepers formed in the winter of 2006 blending ambient strings, layered harmonies, and a hint of country twang to shape their trio. Wasting no time, they recorded their self-titled debut album the next summer and instantly gained buzz in both college radio and news publications along the east coast. Not only does Lynch’s lyrical prowess shine throughout the album, it thrives behind soft banjo licks and a drifting cello that thumps like a worn heart.

Despite their roots in coffee shops and basements, the band’s quick rise in various outlets has led them to larger frontiers, playing in both folk and country festivals. Their latest EP, the Squid Hell Sessions, shines new light on the melancholy approach of the Beekeepers, with Annie’s voice maturing from their first album into a noticeably deeper vocal range. Even with a wistful tone, they still retain the same sense of youth with tunes like “The Wine Song”, mixing a bouncing bass-line with the enjoyment of a bottle of wine.

I could describe the musical nuances for hours, but ultimately Lynch has the last say. “Though the EP contains a lot of sorrowful emotion, it is, in essence, a celebration of music as a positive outlet. There is something strangely comforting in the sharing of one’s hardships.” I couldn’t agree more, and hopefully the Beekeepers will soon gain the national recognition they deserve.

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Annie and the Beekeepers 2010 Tour Dates:
01/27 – New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall
01/30 – New York, NY @ City Winery
02/16 – Boston, MA @ Club Passim
02/18 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store
03/17-20 – Austin, TX @ SXSW


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