Matt Pond PA will wade through Dark Leaves next March

Matt Pond PA sure does know how to spoil its fans. Case in point, the three EPs the indie rockers have shelled out since the release of 2007’s Last Light. Now, the Philadelphia outfit will further look to hold over fans by offering a trio of new 7″ singles in the months leading up to the release of its new album, The Dark Leaves, due March 2010.

As the story goes, after isolating himself from civilization in the woods by the Connecticut River, frontman Matt Pond came up with enough tracks to fill two EPs and his new album. Already released from these sessions was The Freeep, a nine-song EP that was originally available for free from the band’s website in 2008. Since then, it’s been renamed and repackaged for sale as a digital download called Auri Sacra Flames.

The next installment of music will come in the form three 7″ singles called The Threeep (sensing a theme here?) which will be released over the next few months. The first part, “Starting”, is already available (as a limited edition vinyl) while the other two will hit shelves in early 2010. Eve Miller (cello), Christian Frederickson (viola), and Dan Crowell (drums) all contributed to these records. With the help of engineer and co-producer Chris Hansen, The Dark Leaves deals with themes of surrender, leaving darkness behind, and having something to sing about.

However, that’s not all Pond has on his plate. Both him and Hansen worked together on the soundtrack for the Spring 2010 film Lebanon. As for touring, Pond just recently finished up a fall tour with The Wooden Birds, but plans to head back on the road next spring. This man just doesn’t rest, does he?!


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