Bonnaroo hints at Rolling Stones, Jay-Z for 2010

It’s nothing more than a few short words, but for a festival known to hint its lineup, Bonnaroo might just have revealed the names of two of the acts set to headline its 2010 edition. Way to totally steal Coachella’s thunder!

Earlier tonight the festival’s official twitter sent out the following two tweets:

Festival partners @AC_Ent & @SuperflyGroup have some big announcements coming soon! 2010’s gonna be a much bigger bang…

Sorry, what I meant to say was: 2010’s gonna be big because @AC_Ent & @SuperflyGroup be big pimpin, spendin cheese…

Of course, the two acts hinted in the above tweets would be the Rolling Stones [hint] and Jay-Z [hint].

Now, a few things we should point out:

First, the Rolling Stones have previously confirmed that they will not be touring in 2010. However, some have since speculated the band may still perform a one-off or two at some point in the not too distant future. That said, we should note that several people with knowledge of the festival’s plans have confirmed to CoS that the Stones will not be appearing at 2010.

Jay-Z, on the other hand, has been a heavily rumored possibility for next year’s edition. And while the acclaimed rapper does have a confirmed date on Friday, June 11th at the Isle of Wight Festival in England, don’t be surprised if he makes a trip across the Atlantic for a late night spot at the Farm.

So, perhaps Bonnaroo has attempted to throw us in a loop with one accurate and one inaccurate rumor. Or, maybe the Manchester, TN extravaganza is just up to its old tricks, ready to surprise beyond belief.

What we do know is that we’ll let you know, via our Bonnaroo Outlook page, as soon as we know. And also, Kings of Leon are expected to be there, so there’s one thing you can sleep soundly knowing for sure.

The Bonnaroo Music Festival 2010 is set to take place from June 10-13 in Manchester, Tennessee.

Update: Another hint…

Okay I’m sorry. I’ll stop being a jokerman. I’ll quit playing games with your heart. Though I could go further – or is it farther?

Dylan? The Dead? Furthur?


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