Collaboration-palooza! Rihanna + The Ting Tings; Santigold + Devo

As we know based solely on 2009, high-profile musical collaborations are nothing new. In some instances, they are nothing more than a tease, other times they can make even the idea of crooked vultures sound appealing. But regardless of their ultimate end result, there’s always that initial “woah” fact. You know, the one like you’re about to get know:

Fresh off their signing with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label, The Ting Tings are now said to be “working” with Hova’s good friend Rihanna. Details remain sketchy (at best), but according to the Daily Star, the 21-year-old musician is collaborating with the indie pop duo for its followup to 2008’s We Started Nothing. The Ting Tings are said to be currently recording the album in a converted jazz-club in Berlin.

Then there’s this little nugget Pitchfork recently dug up: A recent Paste magazine article reported that Santigold is doing production work for none other than Devo. Again details are extremely sketchy, but Santigold told Paste, “It was amazing. They’re my band idols. Them and the Smiths. I made them pull out the red hats and pose for a picture.”

We’ll of course update you if and when any of this stuff actually comes to fruition.


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