Devo added to the 2010 Winter Olympics

Given the multi-national nature of the Olympic Games, it’s only appropriate that the entertainment for this year’s winter extravaganza will be equally diverse. As illustrated in our Music Fan’s Guide to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver will hear everything from indie pop (Feist) and alt-rock (Wilco) to hip-hop (K’Naan) and electro-friendly DJs (Chromeo). As we recently learned, you can also add Devo into that equation, as the legendary new-wave outfit is now set perform live at a medal celebration in Whistler, B.C., on February 22nd. And, get this: the performance will supposedly be broadcast on NBC. Win!

Other new additions to the Olympics live entertainment include Usher, Our Lady Peace, The Fray, Nelly Furtado, Barenaked Ladies, and Loverboy. So the question now: why even bother attending the actual games?


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