Documentary cameras follow Blink-182 into the studio for The Blinkumentary

Ever wondered what went on in the studio when Blink-182 laid down that sweet magic? Wonder no more, as the band, in a partnership with Handsome Randsome film production company, are creating The Blinkumentary, a documentary featuring footage off their first time in the studio together since 2003.

According to MTV (via Rolling Stone), the boys have actually been followed by the cameras since kicking off their reunion tour in May 2009. Now that they’re in the studio, the cameras are going to continue to roll (a rep for Handsome Randsome said, “We’re still in full production and will be in the studio for the new album recording process.”)

The first trailer for the film focuses mostly on an interview with guitarist Tom DeLonge. In it, the man, who is also behind Angels & Airwaves in the post-Blink landscape, said he’s glad the band decided to get back together because they still have so much to prove as a unit.

“As sad as it is to end the tour, it’s really, really exciting to see what we’re going to do next,” DeLonge told the camera. “I’ve always said that this band can do anything, but at this point, if you look at our careers and everything that we … have done independently and outside of Blink, we did some of the best growing as musicians on the last Blink record and right afterwards. So, no one really knows what to expect from the next Blink record, [but] I don’t think anyone thinks it’s going to be a straightforward rock record. I think everyone expects it to be the work of our life and probably the most ambitious song writing and art that we’ve ever made. I think that now we’re ready for it.”

The film currently doesn’t have a release date — it could end up being released in one package or as serialized diary installments. You can watch the first two trailers and a teaser clip below. Stay tuned to the Handsome Randsome site for more updates or installments/trailers.

Of course, this particular endeavor is not at all related to another forthcoming Blink-182 related film. As we reported in December, 24-year old filmmaker Brandon Flores is currently working on an unauthorized documentary on the band titled Blink.


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