Drink Up Buttercup prepares Born and Thrown On A Hook

If there’s any indication so far that 2010 is going to be a stellar year for indie rock, look no further than the City of Brotherly Love to shine some light in that direction. Hailing from The Land of the Libery Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, supernatural jangle pop indie rock quartet Drink Up Buttercup is one of these new-found bands to keep your eyes peeled for.

The band have been busy the past few months picking up critical acclaim and preparing to release its debut record, titled Born and Thrown On A Hook through Yep Roc Records. Earning praise for its eclectic stage shows at both CMJ and SXSW, Drink Up Buttercup began their sonic journey with their first 7″ Sosey & Dosey via Brooklyn’s Kanine Records (Grizzly Bear & Chairlift). Word on the street is that these cats swing pretty hard live, with their song content containing subjects varying from star-crossed lovers to bad trips and fairy tales. Got your attention much? Sound like a jangly Tom Waits? Definitely.

With the band actively compared to the likes of The Beach Boys, Black Sabbath, and Arcade Fire, Drink Up Buttercup certainly has quite a bit of legendary labeling to live up to. Already gaining high ground opening for big acts such as Marnie Stern, Stellastarr, Fiery Furnaces, and Bishop Allen, Drink Up Buttercup has certainly paid their due and are looking towards the future. Hook will see a release on March 23rd and yeah, it looks to be a solid one, without a doubt.

Born and Thrown On A Hook Tracklist:
01. Seasickness Pills
02. Animate The Hangtime
03. Young Ladies
04. Doggy Head
05. Even Think
06. Gods and Gentlemen
07. Lovers Play Dead
08. Who Spilled The Beaker
09. Heavy Hand
10. Pink Sunshine
11. Vietnam Waltz
12. Sosey and Dosey
13. Mr. Pie Eyes
14. Maestro Monsignor


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