FOC’s Arj Barker makes debut smash with LYAO later this month

If there’s one thing the offbeat comedian Arj Barker is good at it’s making us laugh our asses off. Appearing on numerous Comedy Central programs and as the hilarious “Dave” on HBO’s Flight of the Conchords, Arj Barker has made more than a name for himself in recent years. And this month he’ll be releasing his very own debut comedy album, entitled LYAO, on January 26th via Warner Bros.

Of course the goofy acronym representing the album’s title, LYAO, stands for nothing other than “laugh your ass off”, which you’ll find more than easy to do. On LYAO, Barker takes his audience on a rollercoaster full of laughs as he tackles various controversial topics including everything from gay marriage to losing Pluto as a planet. He even makes note of the problematic relationship we share with our growing technological advancements, which he believes can be easily remedied through font names that convey tone such as “Sarcastica” and “Good Times Roman”. And if you take a closer look at each of his track titles, you’ll notice that each one of them stands for a common communication abbreviation, such as “WTF” and “SOS”.

LYAO will be made available in two different formats this month: in CD/DVD format or as a standalone DVD. And even better still, LYAO will also premiere two days before its official release on Sunday, January 24th as a Comedy Central special. Still want more? Well, then check out the trailer for LYAO here, or if you’re eager enough, jump on the train with the rest of us and pre-order the album here. While you’re at it, just keep on scrolling down for a complete track listing for LYAO, along with a list of Barker’s upcoming tour dates.

Hey, at the very least, it will give you something to do now that the Conchords have gone the way of the dodo.

LYAO Tracklist:
01. LOL
02. <3
03. WTF
04. GTFO
05. ROFL
06. HFS
07. SOS
08. LMAO
09. JK
10. HAHA
11. OMG
12. BFF

Arj Barker 2010 Tour Dates:
01/14 – Dallas, TX @ Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub
01/15 – Dallas, TX @ Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub
01/16 – Dallas, TX @ Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub
01/20 – Lexington, VA @ Washington & Lee University
01/29 – Laramie, WY @ University of Wyoming
02/04 – Bellevue, WA @ Parlor Live
02/05 – Bellevue, WA @ Parlor Live
02/06 – Bellevue, WA @ Parlor Live


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