Jane’s Addiction records, Avery’s involvement murky…

It’s been said before, but Jane’s Addiction has reportedly begun work on some new material. Whether or not any of their efforts will actually result in a new album is still up in the air, but with their return to Blabbermouth studios last Monday, the band’s future looks promising. Revealed on Jane’s Facebook page, of all places, singer Perry Farrell promised fans by writing, “Monday we get together to write new music and craft a future”. Sketchy, we know, but if things pan out right this material could feature the band’s entire original lineup, even including elusive bassist Eric Avery, despite his recent Twitter post that read: “fyi, to answer the question directly, i am not writing with janes addiction.” Let’s note that he didn’t necessarily say “recording,” though.

Early last year, Jane’s Addiction attempted to regroup in the studio before hitting the road that spring, but as usual things just fizzled out. With speculation rising on the validity of the band’s second attempt to begin work on a new project, Farrell remarked, “You know, I’ll be honest with you, we started to record and things got kind of ugly (laughs). You know, it’s one of those things where the headbutting really came out when we tried to write and people were like, ‘Well, I don’t like that . . .’ But you know what? I’m very patient, because it’s only been, what, 18 years, so I can’t expect things overnight to be perfect”.

Between the way this new material (and possibly their fourth full-length album) was released and Farrell’s passé response to the matter at hand, who knows if Jane’s Addiction will actually get anything accomplished here. At least they’re still touring Australia next month, right?

Jane’s Addiction 2010 Tour Dates:
2/20 – Brisbane, AU @ Soundwave Festival
2/21 – Sydney, AU @ Soundwave Festival
2/23 – Sydney, AU @ Enmore Theatre
2/24 – Melbourne, AU @ Palace Theatre
2/26 – Melbourne, AU @ Soundwave Festival
2/27 – Adelaide, AU @ Soundwave Festival
3/01 – Perth, AU @ Soundwave Festival


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